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Piacenza's Itineraries

  • Itinerario 1

    Itinerary n° 1

    Piazza Cavalli, heart of the city, was created in the XIII century as an international meeting point for dealers. Discover the buildings and the monuments around this special place, symbol of the economical power at the time of the Commons. First of all, the Mayor Building – also called “Palazzo Gotico” (Gothic Building) – and the two Farnese equestrian monuments, real emblems of Piacenza.
  • Itinerario 2

    Itinerary n° 2

    Protagonist of this itinerary is a building that represents an important reference point of the town’s history and for its cultural events: Palazzo Farnese, nowadays the seat of the Civic museums, with the annexed Cittadella (Citadel) – a military fortress of high architectural interest.
  • Itinerario 3

    Itinerary n° 3

    During this itinerary you will understand why Piacenza is also called the town of the Mansions: as a matter of fact the noblemen of the past – in the absence of a king – could boast their rank with luxurious works. These buildings stand among other beautiful architectures, such as the Cathedral - one of the most famous religious monument of North Italy.
  • Itinerario 4

    Itinerary n° 4

    Touring among the ancient mansions located in via Sant’Antonino and via Scalabrini, in the middle between Piazza Cavalli and the Basilica dedicated to the Patron of Piacenza. Since the XXIX century the area was known for the presence of the beautiful Teatro Municipale (Theatre), nowadays the seat of the Orchestra Giovanile Cherubini conducted by Maestro Riccardo Muti.
  • Itinerario 5

    Itinerary n° 5

    This itinerary goes through the major pedestrian streets: Corso Vittorio Emanuele – one of the most favorite area for shopping and the Pubblico Passeggio, also called Faxhall - ideal for long walks or jogging among ancient plane trees. In the surrounding area, there is Stradone Farnese, nowadays an important street open to traffic, that leads downtown.
  • Itinerario 6

    Itinerary n° 6

    During the Middle Ages, the Pilgrins walking on Via Francigena used to stop in Piacenza to visit the outstanding church of Santa Maria di Campagna. However, many other churches in the surrounding area have the leading role of this itinerary: San Sisto, S. Sepolcro, S. Eufemia, S. Bartolomeo, etc., as a testimony of a secular Christian tradition.
  • Itinerario 7

    Itinerary n° 7

    An intriguing and fascinating itinerary, dedicated to lovers of town planning and history of art. As a matter of fact, there are several buildings along Via S. Giovanni and Via Garibaldi - the road that leads to Piazza Borgo, which originally represented the end of the north-west side of the old Roman town. Other roads radiate out from here (Campagna, Taverna and Castello), constituting the area where most Piacenza’s people took up residence.
  • Itinerario 8

    Itinerary n° 8

    This itinerary brings you to the discover of original paths that even people of Piacenza does not know.
    It was the area of the first Roman settlement, even if the amphitheatre was completely destroyed. Nowadays, the most ancient palaces of the area are Palazzo Landi – seat of the courthouse – and the church of S. Lorenzo or Death’s Oratory, so called because it was destined to the assistence of the families during the burial rite.