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Info & Map

Via Primo Maggio, 82
29100 - Piacenza - Italia

Partita IVA: 01197530338
REA PC-134188 - Capitale Sociale: 119.000 € (i.v.)

Latitude: 45.047355081032414
Longitude: 9.66783195734024

Should you use a gps, please insert this address: Via Stradella 138 Piacenza

How to reach us

From motorway A21: 
Exit at Piacenza Ovest and go straight on for 3 crossroads. 

From motorway A1: 

Once you arrive near "Piacenza Sud" - without leaving the motorway - take direction "Torino / Alessandria / Genova / Piacenza Ovest" and continue for about 7 km. Exit at "Piacenza Ovest" and go straight on for 3 crossings.

From state road SS 10: 

Once you have passed San Antonio, at the crossroad (on your left you will see the green signs for the motorways A1 and A21) turn right and go straight on for 2 crossroads.

From state road SS 9: 

Once you have arrived in Piacenza follow directions for “tangenziale sud”, turn left at the very end (via Manfredi), go straight on for 3 crossoroads, turn left (via Bianchi). At the crossroad turn right (via Cella) and go straight on until you will see our hotel. 

From railway station: 

Bus 3, ask for bustop "Strada Raffalda angolo Via Cella". Taxi are always parked right in front of the station.